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The thing I enjoy more than anything I have done before is playing Christian music. People who don't go to a modern church won't realise that Christian music is pretty up to date. Quite a lot of it is actually quite rocky. Much of it of course is melodic and contemplative (as you would expect). Either way, there is nothing quite like it. When I am playing drums at church it's as if I have come home. It's where I was always meant to be. It seems to me as though everything I have done before has brought me to this point where I am giving myself to God and playing music for Him. What higher command or greater satisfaction could there be?

I remember playing at a Chelmsford Cathedral. I walked down to the other end (having set up my kit) and looked upon the scene. Rays of sunlight were pouring in from above and shining down on my drums which were sat in front of the altar. It was as if they had always meant to be there.
I know where I should be and what I should be doing now - seeking God, playing for Him, 'talking the talk and walking the walk' - and that's what I am trying to do with God's help.

If you have read this far I want to thank you and pray for you. My prayer is that you will also find God's will for your life.


The Bible says 'Seek and you shall find'. If you don't go to church then I suggest you find a good one. Don't stop until you find one where the people are friendly and inviting and the music is good!! Or go to your nearest Christian book shop and talk to people there about what might be the right church for you. Read the Bible. Start with the book of John (it's a good place to start).

Guest Nights around the UK

I have been called upon by agencies to travel to different churches and events with my band comprised of close Christian musician friends...

We present the Gospel, my testimony with an insight into my life with T.Rex and we play a mixture of secular (T.Rex medley) and worship songs.

The picture shows a setup in a church venue.



Chelmsford Christian Festival



My friend Rob Stacy (Bass Player and Website designer) and myself setting up to play at the Chelmsford outdoor Christian Festival in Central Park.... We were often called to minister and play at Christian events.

Rob and I have both played together regularly in a Church worship band and have also laid down bass and drum tracks in the studio for Ben Williams, along with Brian Robertson (Thin Lizzy). Rob has played in numerous bands over the years, including depping on bass at a Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel Gig.

This website was designed by Rob.


On my recent visits to the Churches in America, I was fortunate enough to guest with the Worship Teams...As a result I met and made many new friends... Here are two of them... Julia (who is now my wife) and Betty performing a duet together during an ‘Arts & Crafts’ and ‘Music Open Afternoon’... in Sonora...




One of the churches I visited, is Lakeridge Community Church as pictured here, where men and womens’ early morning Bible Studies were held in the open each weekend...

There were a variety of services which included Mid-week... Open Air meetings and Music events...

.... The story continues...



 The marriage ceremony at Lakeridge Community Church, Sonora CA...on May 6th 2010.

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