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Bill Legend T.Rex Drummer Then and Now
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Thanks for visiting my website. Most people visiting this site will know me as the T.Rex drummer (between 1970-1974).

I generally shy away from delving into my time with Marc (Bolan) and the band. Not because I didn't enjoy doing it, but simply because my life is very different now, and there are aspects of my life today that are much more important to me. However, some friends of mine managed to persuade me that I should (at least) have a website so that I can provide some key comments for those who have an interest in T.Rex and also to share what has helped me get through the up's and down's of my life!
Bill Legend
As you click on the menu links above you will find out about my upbringing, how I became a drummer, some little snippets of what it was like being in T.Rex, and why I now enjoy playing at my local church.
My hope is that this site will serve as a useful reference from a musical point of view, but also of help to anyone looking for some deeper meaning to life.
Drawings by Bill Legend
One of the many sketches I drew during my time with T.Rex
Apart from my faith, the two passions in my life that went hand in hand after leaving school were Art and Music. As an apprentice and earning low wages, this gave me time and incentive to develop both skills side by side. It was particularly beneficial considering the explosion of blues and rock and roll at the time. When I wasn’t working in London and studying at Art College, I was back at home rehearsing with friends and gaining experience by gigging mainly in London and the South East of the UK.


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